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Are you passionate about film? Do you enjoy interacting with a diverse range of people and working in a fast-paced environment? If so, we want you! Each year MIFF engages an exceptional team of volunteers to undertake tasks that directly contribute to the efficient and successful delivery of our festival. Primary activities include queue control, ticket scanning and cinema ushering.

Applications for the 2018 festival will open in May; email volunteers(at) with any questions.

Special thanks to Metro Trains Melbourne for providing MIFF volunteers with complimentary transport on the Metro rail network during the 2017 Festival.


What previous MIFF Volunteers say about their experience:

"You always learn a new skill of some sort, or hone an existing skill which can be used in the workforce, or life in general."

"Helped to improve communication skills. Particularly the skill of being friendly yet authoritative."

"Definitely sharpened up my customer service skills."

"This was a great Festival! Would be very happy to do it again."

"MIFF certainly makes Vollies feel appreciated – so thank you!"

"Please let me volunteer again for next year!!"

"As it was my first time volunteering at MIFF, I found everything to be really well organised. From initial interviews, to daily bulletins, free passes and positive feedback from other vollies, etc, all went really well."

"Volunteering gives me the opportunity to build skills in managing crowds professionally but in a fairly safe environment. Also I get the opportunity to see what takes place in putting together an event like this."