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Ali Schnabel

Age: 23

Twitter handle: @alivonschnabel

City I call home: Melbourne

Genre/style/region of cinema I am most passionate about: Documentaries, contemporary Australian drama, and films from Western Europe/Scandinavia, because I like the emotional tones that are represented so uniquely, and also because I have fetishised the languages and accents.

A film that changed me/my mind is: The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, the very first art-house/foreign film I watched when I was a teenager. It showed me that, when it comes to film, there is always something to be gained from branching out. Also, I cried heaps. 

MIFF 2015 film I’m most looking forward to: I’d have to say Tangerine – it looks so bombastic, fresh and hilarious (also it has Ziggy from The Wire).

I’m looking forward to Critics Campus because: Immersing myself in film for a solid week is a dream come true!

Cinema excites me because: It is almost limitless in its scope for creativity, and can be both extremely innovative and reassuringly familiar all at once.

Favourite Critic and why: Stephanie Zacharek from The Village Voice – I find her style to be so aspirational; she has a brilliantly funny conversational tone that is masterful and accessible all at once.

A publication I’d one day like to write for: It’s probably fickle, but I can’t deny it: I’d say The Village Voice on the basis that it would allow me to move to New York City, and combine a lifestyle dream and a career dream.

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