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Tom Ryan

Tom was the film critic for The Sunday Age from 1989 until his resignation in 2012. Over the years, he has also lectured on film and the media at universities in Australia and the UK, written about film for a variety of local and international newspapers and magazines and worked as a commentator on Melbourne radio. He has recently edited a book of interviews with Baz Luhrmann for the University Press of Mississippi, to be published later this year, and is currently working on projects about Douglas Sirk and Randolph Scott, as well as writing occasional features and reviews for The Australian and The Age.


Twitter: None

City I call home: Melbourne

Area of cinema I am most passionate about: right now, 1940s and '50s westerns.

A film that changed me/my mind: something that's happened by osmosis, over time, rather than suddenly, after a single viewing.

MIFF film I’m most looking forward to: At Berkeley and Felony.

I’m looking forward to Critics Campus because: food for thought.

Cinema excites me because: let me count the ways and get back to you...