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Feel The Film Before You See The Film

The Emotional Trailer

Using the universal language of emotion, we created a custom made Emotion Simulator to experience the emotional journey of every film at the festival – people could literally feel the film before they saw it.

To feed the simulator, we captured the emotional DNA of each film by monitoring the way prominent film critics responded to each film through biometric sensors and a custom app. The emotional map from each film was then fed into facial electrodes in the MIFF Emotion Simulator, allowing participants to feel 6 key human emotions: happiness, fear sadness, disgust, surprise or anger. The emotional map was condensed into 1 minute, and the filmed experience of each participant was then turned into an emotional trailer for each film.

The Emotional Trailer: Les Mille et une Nuits ‘Arabian Nights’
by Joel Allan

The Emotional Trailer: The Russian Woodpecker
by Nikhil Sobti

The Emotional Trailer: Heaven Knows What
by Darryl Tithra