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MIFF Membership FAQ

MIFF Membership FAQ

Updated July 2017

When will I receive my MIFF Membership Card?
In the post, within 7-10 days of payment (Australia Post delivery times may vary). 10 business days before the festival, MIFF will stop posting out the cards and instead leave them to be picked up by you at the MIFF Box Office at ACMI. This ensures cards do not get lost in the mail and are easy to pick up when you are heading in to the city for festival screenings and events.

What qualifies as a Concession?
Concession refers to Seniors/Healthcare Card holders/full-time students. Proof of concession must be provided before Concession Membership cards are sent out. 

How do I get a copy of the MIFF program?
The printed MIFF program will be available to pick up at the MIFF Box Office or at the Members-only Program Launch. The Festival dates for 2017 are Thursday 3 August - Sunday 20 August. The MIFF Members launch will be held on Tuesday 11 July 2017. Print guides are also inserted into The Saturday Paper and The Age on Saturday 15 July, and available around town at hotspots - see here for more info.

Can I book a Membership over the phone?
Yes! You can call the MIFF office from 10am-5pm daily on 03 8660 4818. Please call this number for any booking enquires and general questions.

Membership benefits - how do I know if they are valid for the upcoming festival or not?
Your Membership must be valid for the span of dates covering the entire upcoming festival to enable you to access festival privileges. This includes pre-sale, priority queuing, Festival Passport purchase, other pass and ticket discounts.

What are the future festival dates?
Thursday 2 August - Sunday 19 August 2018
Thursday 1 August - Sunday 18 August 2019

These dates are subject to change. Please contact the Membership Coordinator if you have any queries.

What does the Members' pre-sale mean?
One of the key benefits of being a MIFF Member is being able to purchase pre-sale tickets two days before the general public. Only Members are able to book tickets during the pre-sale. The MIFF Box Office will be open to book tickets from 11am-4pm every day from 12-13  July for Members' only pre-sale booking over the phone and in person. You may visit in person, or call the Box Office on 03 8660 4898. For full box office opening hours and info click here.

How does priority entry at each venue work?
At each MIFF venue during the Festival there is a separate queue for MIFF Members, and a queue for general admission. The Member queue is admitted into the cinema first, as one of the exclusive perks of MIFF Membership. If you are unsure of which is the Members’ Queue, ask one of our friendly Volunteers or Front of House Staff. Remember: you may be asked to display your Membership card to access the priority entry, so always carry it with you during the Festival.

Can my non-MIFF Member friends stand with me in the Members' Priority Queue?
No, if your friend is not a MIFF Member, they cannot stand in the Members queue or receive priority entry. We do not encourage ‘seat saving’ as many of our sessions are on Standby and the ushers and Front of House Staff need to know how many spare seats are available for those in the Standby Queue. Your friend should become a MIFF Member!

I have accessibility requirements. Will I be able to access all the MIFF Membership benefits?
Of course! If you have any accessibility requirements/questions please contact our Accessibility Officer at access(@) For more information head to

How do I log into my account?
Look in the top right corner of the MIFF website for the person icon and arrow - click to log-in. Or just click here to log in. 

What is my Passport or Mini Pass number?
Once you have logged in to your account you will be taken to the My Account screen. There will be a grey tab, which gives the following options:

Bookings – see all the bookings you have made for 2017

Schedule – All the films you have booked into for MIFF 2017

Passes – This is where you can associate a pass with your account, or see which passes are associated to your account. This is also where you can exchange sessions on a Mini Pass or Passport

Vouchers – See what vouchers you have purchased

Authorised Cards – see which credit or debit cards are associated with your account

Membership – see all the details of your membership: number, start date, expiry date, booking date and member type.

How can I book a ticket at the Festival?
There are three ways to book:

Tell me more about the Secure Parking discount?
MIFF Members are entitled to year-round discounts at the following CBD Secure car parks:

12-20 Flinders Lane from $5 per entry
300 Flinders Street from $5 per entry
392 Bourke Street from $5 per entry
460 Lonsdale Street from $5.50 per entry
Southern Cross Car Park 121 Exhibition Street (entry via 129 Bourke St) from $9 per entry
The Mint Car Park 383 Latrobe Street from $5.50 per entry
The Strand Car Park 250 Elizabeth Street (entry via 323 Lonsdale Street) from $9.50 per entry.

A booking fee of $0.50 applies per transaction. Rates reflect lowest prices after discount.

Please contact Max with your membership number to receive the discount code.

Help! I've lost my MIFF Membership card!
To get a replacement card simply email your full name and membership number to Max at or call the MIFF office on 03 8660 4818. A card replacement fee of $8 is charged for lost cards.

My question isn’t listed here!
Please email Membership Coordinator Max Minkoff at or call 03 8660 4818.


How else can I keep up-to-date with information about MIFF?
You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Join the conversation using #MIFF2017.